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Gary Ewer – When You Can’t Tell If You’re Hearing a Verse, a Chorus, or Something Else – 3-14-16

Posted in Uncategorized by Higher Density Blog on March 15, 2016

Constructing songs so that we hear verses, choruses, bridges, and so on, is a good and easy way to ensure that your music incorporates contrast. Even before hearing a particular song, we know that the chorus is likely to be higher in pitch, that the chorus chords will probably be stronger and shorter than the verse, that we can anticipate that the bridge melody and chords will wander into new key areas, and so on.

But then there are the songs where the declaring of specific sections of songs to be verses and choruses is not clear. A good example of this is McCartney’s “Martha My Dear“, from The Beatles’ White Album. It’s interesting to make note of how many times we hear this song move into what appears to be a new section, but those sections don’t seem to take on the traditional verse-chorus relationship:



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