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Gary Ewer – Writing Multi-Part Verse Melodies – 1-29-16

Posted in Uncategorized by Higher Density Blog on February 4, 2016

songwriter - gary ewer



You can define a multi-part verse melody in many ways, but the kind of melody I’m talking about is the kind you might find in a song like Eagles’ “Take It Easy” (Jackson Browne/Glenn Frey), which is a verse-only song where the verse consists of several short phrases joined together to make one complete melody.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this great song ever since learning of the death of Glenn Frey. What a great songwriter, both in collaboration with bandmate Don Henley and others (“Tequila Sunrise”, “New Kid In Town”, etc.), and as a solo singer-songwriter: “The Heat Is On”, “You Belong to the City”. Many of his songs sounded like classics the day they were released.







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