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Mostly Music – Can songwriters survive in the age of music streaming? – BBC News

Posted in Uncategorized by Higher Density Blog on November 30, 2015

Songwriters have played a crucial part in the success of many global superstars throughout the history of popular music.

Smash hits performed by Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley in the forties or fifties, or Rihanna and Justin Bieber today, were often penned by professionals.

Even internationally-acclaimed singer Adele, whose new album, 25, comes out today, and whose last – 21 – sold more than 30 million copies, co-writes her material.

Not that record labels like to crow about songwriters – most of these hired guns are virtually unknown outside the industry.

But are these powers behind the throne seeing their livelihoods threatened by music videos and digital streaming?

Many fear so.

What all professional songwriters have in common is a publishing deal, and like the recorded music industry, music publishing is worth billions globally.

But the switch to buying and listening to music in digital rather than physical form has dented revenues, and not just because of piracy – file-sharing that infringes copyright.

Source: Can songwriters survive in the age of music streaming? – BBC News


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