Confutatis and Lacrimosa by Mozart

August 17, 2015

ms. espressivo

What does it look like when a genius is at work? For Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, there are endless voices and notes in his head that are waiting to be spilled out onto paper. This scene from Amadeus is the climactic element in the movie where he lies on his death bed dictating his musical ideas to his “archenemy” Antonio Salieri in order to complete his next big masterpiece, the Requiem Mass in D Minor. This widely-known war between Salieri and Mozart (and ultimately Salieri killing Mozart), is, of course, a myth. But, it makes for a dramatic movie plot. Ironically, requiems are associated with death and mourning, typically using the proper of mass as their text. The timing was uncanny; Mozart was writing funeral music for someone else while he was withering away himself. Unfortunately, the Requiem was never finished,  but another possible but highly mythical theory is that one of…

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