What Are Some Effects of Combining Music and Video?

August 11, 2015

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While both music and visual art, including video, are powerful art forms in their own rights, both capable of eliciting emotional responses and memories of experiences of artistic work, their affects when combined are even more potent. While research in this area has largely been inconclusive, researchers have suggested that videos do influence a listener’s experience with music in several ways. The way in which this influence is present for a particular musical work depends in part on the type of video that is combined with the music.

sorcerers-apprentice1 From Walt Disney’s “Fantasia.”

In cases where the video is a graphic depiction of the lyrics, the lyrics are more likely to be noticed and more likely to be understood and remembered. In these cases, listeners are also more likely to approve of the meaning or message of the lyrics. In cases where there are no lyrics but only music, such as in…

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