Student Self-Reflection on Music Compositions

May 15, 2015

mister a music place

2011Symposium_1_2In my previous two posts, I discussed reflective questions for student composers that dealt with the musical work, and with the performance of the musical work. Today I will discuss questions about musical form and about a composer’s opinion of his or her own work. These questions are from the ctcurriculum website.

The most basic aspect of musical form is the balance of unity and variety. Unity produces in the listener a familiarity and comfort that comes from returning to something familiar. Variety interrupts unity, and provides interest and the excitement of something new. Too much variety creates confusion, and too much unity creates boredom. Achieving the proper balance is essential for every composer, and is the hallmark of great musical works. With this in mind, we begin with questions that probe the student composer’s awareness and knowledge of how he or she commanded unity. We simply ask, how did…

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