What to do with New Instruments? – Part 6 – The Revival of the Oboe d’Amore

May 6, 2015


In the early 1900s, after 150 years of absence, suddenly, the Oboe d’Amore made a reappearance in the orchestra.  Why did this extinct instrument make a come back and how quickly was it adopted?

in 1890, the firm Loreé, then only 9 years old, came out with the first modern d’Amore.  It is most likely this instrument that caught the attention of 4 prominent composers of the era.

Mahler’s Rückert-Lieder(1901)

Mahler seems to have led the way with the early d’Amore revival with his song cycle Rückert-Lieder.  This is surprisingly odd for Mahler.  While know for his large and expansive orchestras, he was never one to insert unusual woodwinds into his scores – save in this one case.  As of the current time, I am wholly ignorant as to why Mahler chose to use this instrument that was last used 150 prior.

In the movement titled “Um mitternacht,”…

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