7 Ideas That Will Cure Chronic Songwriter’s Block

February 18, 2015

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Blog

If you’re struggling with songwriter’s block, it’s important to do whatever gets you feeling positive about music in general.

Songwriter - guitaristMost people have had mild writer’s block — a day or two of frustration. And most have dealt with a longer bout of moderate writer’s block, when the few days stretches into a week or two.

If you’re having a particularly tough time with it, a moderate block can turn into a severe block, where you can question whether or not you were ever suited to songwriting.


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The time to get serious about solving writer’s block is when it moves from being mild to being moderate. That’s when you want to take charge of the situation and do something to get the creative processes working again.

Here are some ideas you can try. Not all of…

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