Improvisation, Melody, and Harmony in Relationships

February 12, 2015

The Harmony of Chivalry

Music. Musicians create music. When one or more musicians create music without any preconceived notion of what they shall play it is called improvisation. Improvisation is considered one of the highest skills in musical cognitive development. It involves all previous knowledge and a system of estimations of future sound.

Musicianship includes the art of improvisation. For but a moment, consider that two keyboard players are standing side by side. With two instruments, they begin to weave a piece of musical art. At any given time, one or both might play the melody; one or both might also play the harmony. Usually the musicians agree on a key to begin with, and a meter. These are the rules and expectations that the music shall take form around. When a key change – also known as a modulation – occurs, or a change in a meter, the rules change to fit…

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