January 28, 2015


Happy New Year!  As belated as that is, here is another improvisation in a very Duruflé manner.  I sometimes wonder why these end up being the ones I record, but such it is.  I’ve been trying to get one of my contrapuntal improvs, but I often forget to turn the camera on.  Not that I’m complaining; this one is pretty cool.  One of these days, there will be a solid FUGUE.  Enough complaining though because this improv has all the elements that make improvs great.  There are some clear moments that show my multiple endings having to be extended.  There is also something very satisfying about the scherzo/adagio contrast that Duruflé often uses to elicit a mood that fits so well to liturgy.  It is the sum total of the elements that I enjoy – particularly watching the spontaneous change of registration as the improvisation necessitates.

PS: The text of…

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