David Diamond 100th Anniversary

January 12, 2015

Kile Smith | composer

On Discoveries from the Fleisher Collection, Saturday, January 3rd, 5-6 pm.

David Diamond (1915-2005): Concerto for Chamber Orchestra in Two Parts (1940)
DiamondElegy to the Memory of Maurice Ravel (1938)
Diamond: Symphony No. 8 (1958-60)

DiamondDavid David Diamond (Neal Boenzi/The New York Times)

One hundred years ago saw the birth of David Diamond, who would enter the first rank of 20th-century American composers. His most-played work, Rounds for string orchestra, is the only work of his many people have heard, so we will not play that today. Instead, a large work for orchestra, a small work for orchestra, and a memorial to a composer who was a great influence will walk us through his career.

One may wonder why someone who is held in such great esteem isn’t played more, but that points up the dichotomy of David Diamond, and the sometimes-difficult trajectory of his music. He was born…

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