VENEZUELA AND ITS MUSICIANS / An eternal quest for expression

January 7, 2015


An eternal quest for expression

Some recent articles, even a book and public comments about the musical life in Venezuela that I have been reading on Internet have prompted me to write down a few facts in order to illustrate something about a subject that is seldom talked about.
In a way I’m grateful that some English and North American critics are taking an interest on Venezuela and its musicians, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The LA Times, Classical Music Magazine have dedicated articles where people have commented, sometimes with address and sometimes showing total ignorance and disrespect for the subject, its history and its protagonists..
I will try to be breve and will only give some historical dates, common knowledge for Venezuelans, but not for the rest of the world as it seems.

Venezuela –its origins /history
Venezuela was a Spanish colony since…

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