Music by Composers Born on January 6th

January 7, 2015

Classical Music Thought Bubbles

Today, January 6, is the birthday of the great composer Alexander Scriabin! Here is his Op. 28 Fantasy, an earlier work:

Fun Fact: It was said that Scriabin himself did not even recognize this piece when someone else played it.

Another composer born on Jan. 6 is Xaver Scharwenka. His piano concertos are some of the more known out of the ones that are generally considered “obscure” (similar to Moszkowski’s). It’s about time for me to post another Romantic piano concerto:

Speaking of piano concertos, Max Bruch (another composer born on Jan. 6!), who is well-known for his Violin Concerto in G Minor, also composed a piano concerto. Although it is somewhat saturated with self-indulgent Romantic cheese, who can honestly say that they don’t secretly like a bit of that kind of Romantic stuff once in a while? 😉

To me, Francis Poulenc’s secular works always have moments of profound clownishness and…

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