Gustav Mahler’s Fifth World

January 6, 2015

Good Music Speaks

Gustav Mahler Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) is one of my all-time favorite composers.  Like my mentor, I sort of have to be in the right mood for all the serious and stormy emotion of Mahler’s music.  When I am ripe for the experience, nothing is quite as cathartic as cranking the speakers up to a window rattling volume for one of Gustav’s symphonies.  Up til now, I have actually been avoiding trying to tackle a Mahler post on Good Music Speaks.  There is just so much to say when dealing with his music, that I am really quite challenged by the idea of distilling anything intelligent to say down to one blog post.  So I decided instead to write a collection of articles, and hopefully you will find it worthwhile to follow all of them.

Mahler actually made his living as one of the greatest orchestra and opera conductors of his…

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