Scales and Modes Basics – Patterns of Note Intervals

December 18, 2014


After knowing how to navigate your DAW and produce sound, you might still be stumped. “How do I actually make music? How come the notes I play don’t sound correct?” Music can be a very confusing thing if you know nothing of it, it may even seem magical at first, but it can be broken down and understood with a little knowledge. The main things worth understanding if you can’t string together a coherent stream of notes are scales and modes. Scales and modes provide the blueprint for the pattern of notes, as in, the intervals between each note.

Looking at Scales

There are 12 notes before they start to repeat, A B C D E F G, and the five sharps/flats. A scale is a pattern within those notes. The main scale in Western music is the Major Scale.

Major Scale Pattern

Whole Whole Half…

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