Engaged Learners In Action In The Music Classroom

November 30, 2014

mister a music place

2011Symposium_1_2Yesterday, I wrote about developing students as engaged learners. Today, as luck would have it, the benefit of engaged learners played out in my classroom. The plan was to review a two-part vocal arrangement of “Wade In The Water.” I asked the class to begin by singing the bass ostinato, and then continue while I sang the melody. They are learning to maintain an independent part in a two-part texture. While most were giving a good effort, and many were succeeding, there was a group of five students who were choosing not to participate. I stopped the class, and had arrived at a turning point in the class. I asked them to sing the ostinato with the rest of the class. They half-heartedly began to sing when we restarted, and then stopped singing. These were, at this point, non-compliant students. But I was soon to find out that this day…

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