Artie Shaw, Gramercy Five – The Grabtown Grapple – Tribute to Ava Gardner

November 26, 2014


In 1945, Artie Shaw grabbed Grabtown’s juiciest apple, none other than Ava Lavinia Gardner. They married in October of that same year and remained man and wife for a whole twelve months!

Ava Gardner was born on Christmas Eve 1922 in Grabtown, North Carolina.

This piece by Artie Shaw and his arranger Buster Harding was a tribute to her.

New York, January 9, 1945
Victor 20-1647

THE GRABTOWN GRAPPLE (Artie Shaw & Buster Harding)

Artie Shaw – clarinet
Roy Eldridge – trumpet
Dodo Marmarosa – piano
Barney Kessel – guitar
Morris Rayman – bass
Louis Fromm – drums