Let Chord Progressions Set Up Your Song’s Groove

November 10, 2014

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Blog

It’s pretty obvious that the most important concern regarding chord progressions is to have one chord move smoothly to the next. There’s nothing worse than chords that just don’t feel right. A bad set of changes can actually kill an otherwise pretty good song. But that’s not the only job of a good progression. It’s important to know that chords help to establish a song’s groove.

Many songwriters who look for a good set of chords seem to not consider the groove factor, but it’s really vital to the life of a good song. There is a strong rhythmic component when one chord moves to another. It’s a feeling of a strong internal pulse, and it contributes greatly to a sense of forward motion.

So how does that work? Try playing the following progression. Use a fast tempo (q=136 or faster) with a strong pulse, with two beats per…

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