What’s the spookiest musical instrument for Halloween?

October 31, 2014

Cape Ann Piano Studio

The Theremin! The who?

Yup, the theremin. The theremin was invented by Russian scientist Léon Theremin, in 1920. It is the world’s very first electronic instrument—what is unique about the theremin is that it’s an instrument you play without touching it; it remains the first and only non-contact instrument.

Lev_Termen_playing_-_cropped Léon Theremin, playing one of the first theremins that he invented.

Here’s a clip of one of my students and me playing a free improvisation for piano and theremin:

To see the full version of our improv, go here:

Here’s a pic of the theremin I have, the Etherwave model made by Moog, that you can make from a kit:


Today there are virtuoso thereminists, but not too many. (Students! if you learn to play the theremin like Clara, you’ll always have work … but don’t give up the piano!)

Here’s a video of arguably the best virtuoso thereminist who ever…

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