Library Music Awards #TuneUp event: Tips for composers

October 26, 2014


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The Library Music Awards launched for the first time this year to champion the best libraries in the business. They also hosted Tune Up, a day-long event filled with Q&As and talks from composers and other industry professionals. We headed to BAFTA Piccadilly for the event, here’s a few tips we took away:

1) How to get started as a composer

Work your way up

All the composers at the Q&A session started small. They worked on shows like Your Shout, Teenage Transexuals (?!), and so on. You might get paid next to nothing initially, but over time royalties will mount up, and each project leads to another. Composer Andrew Skeet did a score for free which then got picked up by a library company who paid him. David Lowe supplemented his composing income with sound engineering work until he got his big break composing for Saatchi & Saatchi’s British Airways campaign. Don’t give up.

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