How on Earth do you do that?

October 26, 2014

the composer/arranger

This Blog discusses the development of a professional working attitude.

I’ve often had the pleasant experience of people coming up to me and saying ‘how on Earth do you write music like that, you must be very talented?’. Needless to say, I have no objections at all although I’m secretly aware of the many years spent refining all aspects of my work.

In the back of my mind there are doubts concerning excessive reliance on ‘creativity’ and, especially, the thoughtless use of words such as ‘gifted’ and ‘inspired’. If I could wake up tomorrow and believe whole heartedly that I was the helpless slave to factors beyond my control I would be very happy. That way, I’d never be to blame.

In the book there’s a section dealing with getting ideas going during a fallow period. Such periods occur for a number of reasons such as overwork, general tiredness, etc…

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