Fellow trombonists please note

October 25, 2014

the composer/arranger

This post is for the benefit of fellow trombonists, especially those who are middle-aged and older. It concerns a problem that many players experience.

For some time I’d been suffering from a pain in the neck and the back of my head. It turns out I have spondylitis but the important thing to realize is that it isn’t necessarily caused by bad posture, in fact professional players get it more than most others. It’s worth looking at a fellow blogger’s information on this topic at: http://8thposition.wordpress.com/#!

The 50,000+ miles I used to drive didn’t help, either. Racing drivers do neck strengthening exercises.

When the slide goes in and out a trombonist has to ensure the instrument doesn’t wobble around all over the place, which disturbs the embouchure. Achieving this ideal means ‘freezing’ the neck position, during performances and rehearsals, for two hours or more.

Obviously, whether or not one…

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