Bill Hilton – Pop Piano Comping Exercise, 5 chords

September 11, 2014

Bill Hilton

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Here’s a pop piano comping exercise that’s quite fun to play. It’s based on five simple chords (C, Dm, F, G and Am) and a right hand part that just uses the notes C, F and G. It sounds pretty cool and isn’t at all difficult to learn.

Most pop comps you’ll ever play on the piano will be based on fairly simple chord progressions. The only slight hurdle you might have to overcome is making sure you can comp in a variety of difference keys – especially “guitar friendly” keys like E, A, D and G. So once you’ve mastered this sequence in C, try transposing it into some other keys and seeing what you can do.

As with all piano techniques, the trick here is to play over and over again until this stuff just falls under your fingers without you even having to think about it. You need to get to a point where your fingers are doing the thinking for themselves at the keyboard. When that happens, you’ll find you unconsciously begin to change and develop the exercise until you’re playing comps of your own.

If you’re not sure about the basics of chords and how harmony works on the piano, check out some of my earlier tutorials.