In the Booth with Ruth – Jonathan Tarplee, Singer/Songwriter

September 10, 2014

Ruth Jacobs

Jonathan Tarplee 

Can you tell me when you first took an interest in music? What inspired you, and how did you begin creating your own music? 

I’ve always loved music. I remember being on long car journeys as a child, listening to songs on the radio in the back and sort of making up bits of music in my head to go with the song. I often imagined lead guitar parts that ought to be in songs, long before I could play lead guitar or adding my own backing vocals. I still can’t help myself doing that in fact! The first song I wrote was about my train set, thankfully never released but I still remember the main parts. Once I started playing a few chords on the guitar, more songs just started flowing out. 

Jonathan Tarplee - ATTRN Cover 940 pixelsHow would you describe your music?

I prefer really to leave that to others…

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