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Eddie Landsberg – How to Develop Solo Ideas – Stella By Starlight

Posted in Keyboards, Melodic Lines, Solo Ideas by Higher Density Blog on August 4, 2014

Eddie Landsberg

In this new series I woodshed through tunes and actually explain the thought process that goes into what’s in my head as I develop the solo ideas.

Today, STELLA BY STARLIGHT… If you want to skip ahead, I play through the melody starting at 3:05.

Starting at 5:26 I discuss application of G blues scale to the changes. I demonstrate it and discuss why it works straight through the changes.

At 17:48 I discuss a cool inverted lick that’s good for modal as well as outside playing and can be used as a very useful run.

19:57 — use of conventional scales, and how to modulate through them

Final run through 32:56

Study with my privately by e-mailing me at eddielandsberg@mac.com… I can teach you everything from chord comps, bass lines, solo ideas, help you develop your rhythmic approach and beyond. — Please, note; however, that due to professional playing responsibilities, I am only able to give a limited number of lessons per month — that said, I’ve spent about a decade and a half developing my 7 Secrets teaching method and am eager to expose as many people as possible to it as I can.


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