MusicHistoryNut – Epic Sounding Orchestral Improvisation

July 28, 2014


Watch in FULL HD and listen to with Headphones – or TURN IT UP during the song! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION before asking anything technical- the answer might just be in here!

This is an answer to an email asking me to show another music improvisation video. 

There are a lot of ways I write music. Most of the time I sit down and actually write out a composition, but other times, especially in a pinch, I improvise, and then work with the material I improvise and develop it. 

In this video I take a few pre-conceived ideas, (a scale, a rhythmic pattern, and instrumentation ideas) and then I improvise on top of that.

The result is an 8 part piece of music that takes on an “epic” flare to it. I use orchestral sample libraries to make it sound realistic.

The resulting piece is obviously NOT 100% polished or mixed. Nor is it particularly a great piece of music, but it does show my process when creating music this way. If I were scoring a film, for example, I COULD use this process, but I would certainly be very selective about which improvised “motifs” or melodies I would develop and expand upon. In other words, this would be more of a BEGINNING point, rather than the final product. So – I am sure that any composer out there watching this could do this in their sleep. I am just trying to visually convey the steps that go into this type of musical creation.

Oh yeah – a more technical note – what is NOT shown is my left hand on the modwheel controller for the French Horns that controls the volume swells. So that is how that is happening. 🙂 

Anyway – enjoy. 
Recorded using Garritan Personal Orchestra, Vienna Symphonic Library, K2 edition, Wallander Virtual Instruments, and Garritan World. Sequenced using Apple Logic Pro. (Reverb is Altiverb)

Let me know what you think! 

Music, “Epic-Sounding Orchestral Improvisation” is by myself, Jerry Wickham. (obviously). 
© 2011 Jerry Wickham.