June 13 – My Personal Year Of Gratitude, Day 164 – My Taylor Acoustic Guitar

June 14, 2014

My Personal Year Of Gratitude


Today I am grateful for my Taylor acoustic guitar.

It’s an acoustic-electric, Model 614-CE, born in January of 2000. It has a Spruce top and Quilted Maple back and sides, as well as a Fishman Blender pickup system. As production guitars go (factory made, rather than by an individual luthier), it’s an exceptionally good one.

It was a present from my (at-the-time) wife, Deb, for my 53rd birthday. She paid for it, but she let me pick it out. I played about 30 different guitars before I chose this one. I’m happy about that decision pretty much every time I pick it up.

I’ve been slipping back into writing mode for a couple of years now, and my Taylor is always within reach. But I’ve been playing it more than ever lately, practicing in preparation for becoming a full-time professional performer again. Like anything, the more attention you give…

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