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June 2, 2014

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20 Minute Married Man or Woman Regiment:

I develop the 20 minute married man or woman regiment for bass players. In this regiment, I try to fuse the time where the kids are doing their homework and you running scales on the bass with headphones plug into the amp. While the children are doing their work you should be practicing so by the time they finish you can check their school work. It’s all about keeping a constructed
family environment while preparing for the weekend gig.

The first maneuver is to connect one scale with another for example “G” major to “G: major on the 10th fret if the “A” string and link it to the 12th fret of the “G” string and back again. Fill in the major 3rd the perfect 5th the major 7th and so on. Walk the bass in “G: with open strings.

The second maneuver…

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