More techniques for a mouthpiece-less bass clarinet

May 23, 2014

heather roche

Most of these techniques I’ve covered already, in my post on clarinet articulation. If you look there you’ll find information on tongue rams without the mouthpiece (and with, for that matter), flute embouchure (which only works – for me – on the soprano clarinets), and trumpet embouchure.

Just a quick little reminder: when using techniques without the mouthpiece, always make sure there’s enough time for the clarinetist to safely take off and replace the mouthpiece when necessary. I can do it pretty fast, but I’m always much happier when I have a few extra seconds (especially when putting it back on) to double check the position of the reed.

And if you’re serious about writing for the bass clarinet without its mouthpiece, you need to know this piece, Globokar’s Voix Instrumentalisée. I’m going to refer to his work a few times, but knowing that score is already going…

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