The “Late Bloomer” in Music Classes

March 28, 2014

mister a music place

2011Symposium_1_2 Our students bring a variety of inhibitions into a class, most of which will influence the their responses during learning activities. Some students, especially young children, will be very withdrawn and reticent to do anything alone with others watching, and the teacher may not know the reason. Yet music cannot be taught by group response alone. Edwin Gordon observed that just as reading could never be taught with group recitation alone, neither can music be taught by group singing alone. Each child must practice and develop singing independently by singing alone in addition to practicing and developing other aspects of musicianship by singing with others.

I have had a very withdrawn child in one of my pre-kindergarten music classes. The child was three years old when I started teaching him in a class of three olds, and he is now in a class with other four-year-old children. He regularly sits…

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