Analysis in the Music Classroom: A New Perspective

March 5, 2014

mister a music place

2011Symposium_1_2 One of the best ways to engage students in higher level thinking and greater rigor, and raise their musicianship to the next level is to have them do music analysis. Music analysis is the gateway to interpretation and substantive musical understanding. Analysis is needed for fully experiencing music; it brings those musical elements that are less obvious than the melody and rhythm section parts to the listener’s or performer’s attention. Furthermore, it is also important for music educators to teach music analysis because students, who by and large are casual listeners, are not likely to attempt music analysis on their own, or even know what it is. Students should be proficient in using analysis as part of their preparation to perform a piece, and as a tool to understand and become more engaged with the music to which they listen. Analysis  also familiarizes students with the inner workings of music in…

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