Celebrating Composers – Day 1:Thomas Regin

December 22, 2013


I’ve decided that this week I am going to celebrate composers, a new composer everyday. Today I started with a modern, current composer, Thomas Regin. I choose him because I am a major Nancy Drew PC games fan and Regin recently composed the music to one of Her Interactive’s newer games: The Silent Spy. Above is an a interview done by Her interactive with Regin, which gives you a glimpse at his creative process and personality.
Below is a one of the songs from the game:

From this song you can clearly see the influence the piano has had on Regin’s life as his first and primary instrument (seems to be a theme among great composers 😛 )
I love the music of this game and have the soundtrack, it really sets the mood of the game, my own belief is that one of the reasons why the Nancy Drew…

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