SongWorks – Mini-Documentary

November 18, 2013

Songwriters Association of Canada·16 videos

Songworks is a professional songwriting camp hosted by the Songwriters Association of Canada to bring some of Canada’s best talent together for intensive co-writing sessions that are hosted in major cities across the country. The sessions offer writers the opportunity to collaborate on artist driven projects, often ending with tracks that are ready to be pitched. This program encourages writers to develop long-term relationships with other songwriters and performing artists.

If you have not heard about Songworks before, it’s because up until now it has been by invitation only, however, the S.A.C. is pleased to announce that members now have an opportunity to join this program by submitting an application online through the S.A.C. Song Request program. A selection committee will determine which applicants will proceed to the final round of selection supervised by our program co-ordinator.

Participation in this Open Chair will be limited to songwriters in regional communities across Canada (much the same as the current program operates). This Open Chair will offer all aspiring Canadian songwriters a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with professional writers at a well-established songwriting camp.

Since its inception, this program has developed a library of professional recordings, many of which have already found placements. Here are some examples of these successes:

Cuts from Songworks workshops have resulted in the following placements:

“These Are The Good Times” written by Aileen de la Cruz, Mike James and Troy Samson featured on Da Kink in My Hair. It was also used in the made for TV film “Double Wedding” (Vancouver SW)

“You’re The Piano” written by Jessica Beach, Dave Pickell and Joe Cruz recorded by S.H.E. and released on HIM / Avex Taiwan (Vancouver SW)

“Alone Again Eventually” written by Stu Kirkwood, Jinting Zhao and Stephanie Bosch released on Stephanie’s “Stupid Charlie” EP (Edmonton SW)

“If This Is Love I Hate It” written by Sherry St. Germain, Dave Pickell and Davor Vulama released on Sherry’s album “Turn On The Lights” (Vancouver SW)

“So There” written by Ryan Dahle, Ron Irving and Mike James released on Ron Irving’s solo EP (Vancouver SW)

“No Love Tonight” by David Rancourt, David Audet and Lea Longo to be released on Take The Night’s CD on EMI Music Canada (Montreal SW

“Love Is Gone” by Julie Crochietiere, Karen Kosowski and Vincent Degiorgio, released on Julie C’s “Steady Ground” CD (Indie Soul/Fontana North) (Toronto SW 08)

“If This is Love I Hate It” written by Sherry St Germain, Dave Pickell and Davor Vulama is now the theme song for the TV show “The Mistress”