Andrew Wasson – Improvisation – Playing Phrases that Make Sense

November 5, 2013

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Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question…

Q: I’ve been working with my guitar teacher on soloing. We are using simple two chord jams covering 8 beats in 4/4 time. My problem is that my lines are not really sounding very good. They don’t make much sense. Everything I play just sounds like twisting strands of detached notes. My teacher hasn’t been of much help, he just keeps telling me to play with more soul and feeling. This frustrates me even more, because that kind of remark comes across as a really empty comment to me. I wish I could come to Creative Guitar and study with you, but your studio is over a thousand miles away. My birthday is May 21st, and I’m getting a webcam and I will definitely be ordering a Skype lesson from you. I really hope you can read and maybe even answer my question! Thanks for all that you do on YouTube!
– Ian, Hamilton, ON. Canada

A: For most players – the early days of soloing and making improvised music on the guitar can feel like there’s a huge lack of musical sense. Some players I’ve taught here in the studio use blinding speed to cover this up, but this certainly doesn’t solve the problem either. I can remember many years back when I was studying with Scott Henderson at GIT, he said several times that Music is a language and the sentences of your music need to clarify the subject or topic. Without this, your music could come across as nonsense. So, in this video I’ll be covering a few tips to help Ian and others when during the practice of soloing problems occur leaving you with a feeling that your phrases don’t make sense.

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