All composers – Why do you choose to write choral music?

July 1, 2013

Earl McCluskie·47 videos

Why do you choose to write choral music? Participating composers Jeff Enns, Carol Ann Weaver, Leonard Enns, Michael Purves-Smith, Glenn Buhr, and Barrie Cabena answered this question posed by host Jurgen Petrenko as part of the Waterloo Region Composers Choral Song Circle, a unique event patterned on the popular singer songwriter circles.

The Choral Song Circle was held in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada on September 27, 2008. It featured the choral music of Canadian composers Glenn Buhr, Barrie Cabena, Leonard Enns, Jeff Enns, Michael Purves-Smith and Carol Ann Weaver.

Hosted by Jurgen Petrenko, a professional choir from the Waterloo region was joined by the Laurier Singers and conducted by Wilfrid Laurier University’s Dr Lee Willingham.

The composers were present on stage throughout the performances and there were opportunities for the audience to hear the them talk about their music, and to meet with them and become familiar with who they are, and to develop their awareness of their craft and their sound, and how they are a vital part of the cultural fabric of the Waterloo Region, Canada and abroad.