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There’s a lot to a melody that listeners don’t really notice. Most of the time, audiences will be aware of the patterns and shapes formed by a melody going up and down, but beyond that, they’re only slightly aware of a melody’s other important attributes: the range (i.e., the distance between the highest notes and…

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Celebrating the unique musical collaboration between Maestro John Williams and the legendary British orchestra with a distinguished panel of guests talking about their work on historic film scores including the original Star Wars trilogy, Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Special Relationship: John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra (Video) — The Legacy of John Williams

When every song you start seems to grind to a halt, and finishing it seems difficult or impossible, you’ve got the makings of writer’s block. Your musical imagination can help you through a creative block. But you’re likely thinking, “HOW can I use my musical imagination to help me, since it’s my lack of imagination…

Imagining That Your Unfinished Song is Actually Already Finished — The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

This is a lesson from the “Dark Eyes” video course for intermediate and comeback trumpet players. Or find me at (printable sheet music and backing tracks for patrons) Essential Trumpet Lessons

How to Read Chord Symbols — Essential Trumpet Lessons

“Joy is not in things; it is in us.” “Music is the living God in our bosoms.” “The purpose of art is to make the unconscious conscious.” I believe in God, Mozart and Beethoven, and likewise their disciples and apostles; – I believe in the Holy Spirit and the truth of the one, indivisible Art; […]

Richard Wagner: Music & Art — The Meaning of Life — Excellence Reporter

Full-size images of the LP and slipcase available here:örg Demus (2 December 1928 – 16 April 2019) was an Austrian classical pianist who appeared internationally and made many recordings. He was also a composer and a lecturer at music academies. In composition and playing, he focused on chamber music and lieder. He played with…

(SCORE) Brahms / Jorg Demus, 1969: Intermezzo in E major Op. 116 No. 6 – MHS 1686 — davidhertzberg

The Groove Project was formed in Los Angeles, California as a 14-piece group by GRAMMY® Award nominated Artist & Producer Arun Shenoy in 2016. The original lineup released a debut concept jazz-funk album titled A Stagey Bank Affair in the same year. The group has since grown into an international super-band with the lineup shuffled in […]

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I sure wish someone had explained this to me before college, and even then I had to work out how to use it for myself. Hope it helps you. This video is a lesson from the Dark Eyes video course (50% discount). If none of this music theory made sense to you, consider the video […]

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“I just feel very lucky to be able to have a part in this wonderful process of bringing these works to more people” – interview with Eric Lu, pianist

“I just feel very lucky to be able to have a part in this wonderful process of bringing these works to more people” – Eric Lu, pianist — The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Learn Piano Here: More Songs (Free):’s Favorite Music Products: to play songs can be quick, simple, and fun. Lisa is here with this beginner-friendly lesson for you. Learn how to build 4 chords and unlock TONS of songs. Chord charts are included to download below!Chapters:0:00 – Intro1:32 – The Chords5:01 – Fleetwood…

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Danse Russe (0:05) // Chez Petrouchka (2:38) // La semaine grasse (6:58) (Digitized from a Deutsche Grammophon cassette.

Stravinsky / Maurizio Pollini, 1970: Trois Mouvements de Petrouchka – DG 3300 458 (SCORE) — davidhertzberg

I think my subject line says it all.  There are musicians who can swing when the band is swinging (they hitch onto the back of the truck and ride along).  Others can swing the whole room, unaccompanied, in eight bars. Chris Flory is a shining example of the latter species; his playing is full of […]


By Winifred Phillips | Contact | Follow Hi!  I’m videogame composer Winifred Phillips.  These are the times that try our musical souls, with live concerts enduring an avalanche of cancelations and postponements due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  For our community as game music composers and game audio pros, this means that most video game concert tours have gone […]

Video Game Music Concerts in 2021 — Composer Winifred Phillips

R.I.P. CHICK COREA (2-11-21)

February 12, 2021

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Chick Corea – Wikipedia

Corea in 2015

Armando Anthony “Chick” Corea (June 12, 1941 – February 9, 2021) was an American jazz composer, keyboardist, bandleader and occasional percussionist.[3] His compositions “Spain“, “500 Miles High“, “La Fiesta”, “Armando’s Rhumba” and “Windows” are widely considered jazz standards.[4] As a member of Miles Davis‘s band in the late 1960s, he participated in the birth of jazz fusion. In the 1970s he formed Return to Forever.[3] Along with Herbie HancockMcCoy TynerKeith Jarrett and Bill Evans, he is considered one of the major piano players to emerge in jazz during the post-John Coltrane era.[5]

Corea continued to pursue multiple collaborations and to explore different musical styles throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He was also known for promoting and fundraising for a number of social issues.[6]

Corea won 23 Grammy Awards and was nominated over 60 times.[7]


It’s so Nice. Here’s a group of musicians you would only see at a festival, playing “the music of Duke Ellington”: Illinois Jacquet, tenor saxophone; Barney Bigard, clarinet; Vic Dickenson, trombone; Ruby Braff, cornet; Jimmie Rowles, piano; Slam Stewart, string bass; Shelly Manne, drums. Take a moment to let those names sink in. Sometimes these […]


In 1791, his last year, Mozart composed Ave verum corpus for the feast of Corpus Christi in Baden, while he was writing The magic flute. The Sixteen, with Harry Christophers, make fine exponents: Sotto voce throughout, its stately, intense simplicity reminds me of Härlig Är Jorden.

Ave verum corpus — Stephen Jones: a blog